Live Stream Entertainment!

Jason is now offering live streaming shows and juggling workshops for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home. Great for birthdays, schools, libraries and recreation departments looking to provide a fun and interactive virtual experience.

“While nothing can take the place of a live show, Jason is able to keep the energy high and audience engaged to ensure the virtual audience leaves entertained! Our audience loved to have a chance to interact with Jason before and after the show. I highly recommend Jason for your virtual entertainment needs.” -David Wrabel, Windsor Locks Recreation, CT

How does this work? 

Jason uses a combination of the web conferencing app Zoom along with Youtube to create a one-of-a-kind experience. You can watch the show using a private YouTube link OR be more interactive by using Zoom to participate and chat with Jason during the show. The show can also be accessed for viewing later on YouTube for members of your group that missed the live show.

The Show!

During a performance, you have the opportunity to give Jason suggestions of things to juggle and even have your mind read live over the internet! Jason’s show is a combination of many years of relentless practice and virtually no social life. He performs innovative choreographed juggling to music, fitting his body through a tennis racket, and crazy stunts like standing on a yoga ball as well as fire eating, fire breathing, and fire juggling. Sometimes Jason is funny.

Jason can even include a message of setting goals, anti-bullying or work with you to create a message that resonates with what you are trying to promote in your school.

“During this time of isolation, we thought it would bring some connections back for our kids. It was so great to see their faces and to see them having fun. Jason was interactive, funny and the virtual show was a good fit for what we needed. I highly recommend him!”
-Heidi Lachapelle, Whittier Middle School


This juggling workshop is very (virtually) hands-on! Jason works with each participant as much as possible as well as the group as a whole. Using the Zoom app allows Jason to see your progress and give you personalized tips and tricks that will get you learning to juggle quickly. You will also have access to Jason’s videos on how to create your own juggling balls from home as well as an additional “How to Juggle” video for a refresher on the steps.

Hang out!

After Jason’s streaming events he “hangs out” and chats with the audience to answer questions and may even do some more impromptu juggling!

Jason’s multifaceted training and over 25 years of experience in the performing arts has brought him all over the US and abroad. Some highlights include Disney Cruise Ships, the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, the Golden Phoenix Casino, and even The White House in Washington DC three times.

“Friends! If you’re looking for a way to make a quarantine birthday special or would just love some great entertainment, check out Jason Tardy’s livestream show! We were lucky to have him do a special Zoom party for Luke’s 7th birthday and it was awesome! Funny and entertaining for all ages!” -Elise Sullivan (Luke’s Mom)

If you have any questions contact Jason directly at or give him a call at 1-866-584-4532. He’ll be happy to walk you through all of his different streaming options!

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