High Energy Family Shows

Now available for LIVE STREAMING SHOWS and WORKSHOPS! Contact Jason today to find out how to enjoy his live entertainment without ever leaving your home! Great for celebrating birthdays or adding a fun physical activity to your day. Click here for more info!

“What an amazing act! Very engaging with the kids and adults alike. New and exciting material! A Non-Stop Show! Very prompt, polite and easy to work with.”
-Abraham Knight, Union Fair, ME

Jason Tardy’s show is a combination of many years of relentless practice and virtually no social life. How else could he pull off standing on a yoga ball, juggling an ax, spiked mace, and toilet plunger, while reciting the alphabet forwards and backward at the same time? He also performs innovative choreographed juggling to music, fitting his body through a tennis racket, and if you trust him enough he will perform fire eating, fire breathing, and fire juggling. Sometimes Jason is funny.

“A Master of Physical Comedy!”
-Lewiston Sun-Journal

Jason’s multifaceted training and over 24 years of experience in the performing arts has brought him all over the US and abroad. Some highlights include Disney Cruise Ships, the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, the Golden Phoenix Casino, and even The White House in Washington DC three times!

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